Buses, bikes…and no cars.

Buses, bikes…and no cars.

So it’s roommate month, so far, all is good. Actually it’s great, great knowing that I’ll get to see Ms. Coco everyday. My only concern now is, how am I going to deal when this month ends (I feel like I’m sounding really needy right now!)

Anyway, what I really don’t understand is why people feel the desire to never change, learn, or try different things?

I feel like I’m at my best when I’m learning, experiencing, and deep into something I don’t understand or fear. 

Even during the tuffest periods in my life, I have tried to find the lesson in my struggle. This seems to make life so much more enjoyable when things are going well.

I’m looking forward to the rest of this month together. Next week, I’m at Ms. Coco’s place. So that means I’ll be commuting everyday, like she did last week. I know it was hard on her and I’m very grateful that she is willing to do that for me. 

We are learning a lot about each other.  I have faith that we will be better off for all of these challenges; even if they are self imposed.

Also this week Ms. Coco has my car. She misplaced her keys and I volunteered my car since she is commuting almost 60 miles to work every day, at 6am.
I’ve decided to bike more around town and  got a bus pass! The buses having bike racks on the front, has opened up a possibility for me to ride my bike around the city.
I’m also getting lot of exercise and sun, luckily Ms Coco keeps reminding me to put on sunscreen so I don’t burn up.

On a different note. What do you say to yourself when you are having a challenging day? 

I’ve been embracing the idea of self talk and mantras recently. “Relax, breath, you got this” is what I have been using recently. Or at the gym it’s “one more” when lifting or doing exercises. Or ride my bike “just make it to the top of this hill” is very common!


Boundaries and Such…by Ms. Coco

Boundaries and Such…by Ms. Coco

The Gentleman Farmer asked me a couple of weeks ago about personal boundaries and if we give each other enough space. At that moment I thought we did a pretty good job. Then when we went to North Carolina he decided to be the best person and clean out my car. Ha! I had no clue where he was for a few hours during our annual family cookout for Mother’s Day. I happened to wonder aloud, “Did the GF get lost on his way to the grocery store?” My hometown is small and there is really no way to get lost, especially with the usage of technology and GPS on the phone. My sister said, “Oh, he took your car to the car wash.” No problem there. Until he came back and he put all of my items in a bag. I tried really hard to not be aggravated. We made it all the way back to Kentucky before I expressed my frustration.

Now…please do not misunderstand me. I love this man. He is the best man I know. Even in that task of being helpful I should be grateful, and I am. However, there is a thing about knowing where your boundaries lay. And one of mine is that if you must use/move/clean anything of mine the items should be placed back where you find them. I don’t know why that is my thing; I just know that it is. This has occurred enough times in my life to know that I would be upset about it no matter who did it. One time my sister came to my house and moved all of my furniture in the house. I was very upset about it. I waited until she left to rearrange my furniture the way I had it. At that moment I was a young 23 year old and I wanted to live my life the way I chose and she interrupted that by moving furniture! It WAS serious! Haha.

After the Gentleman Farmer and I discussed the feelings I had about him cleaning my car he brought up a concern. He wondered how this would affect us living together. Anyone would be wondering the same, I suppose. However, when the GF and I decide to move in together, I am going to assume that we will both agree on where to place items. Once we decide TOGETHER then I will have no problem when it comes to the movement of items. However, the problem I have always had is that when my items are kept in other places within my home, my classroom, my office, or my car, others feel that where I kept items were not good enough and took it upon themselves to rearrange to the point where I could not find my things. That is my issue. The GF usually finds his stuff in the same place I got it from…even if he finds additional things there too. Haha. That is what I need to work on myself. Not leaving additional things for him to find. 🙂 He loves me anyway. And I love him more and more each day.

Roommates … who’s turn is it to do the dishes?

Roommates … who’s turn is it to do the dishes?

“Maybe we could live together now, that we’re grown. But that was the worst year of my life, you were so dirty!” This was what Ms. Coco’s twin sister told me when I asked about what it was like to live with Ms. Coco.

This might have made me a little worried if I didn’t have so much faith in Ms. Coco. 

I’m quite experienced at having a roommate. My first roommate when I was young was my brother. I don’t always fully appreciate what a good little brother he was growing up. 

Summer Camp for three months every year was a experiment in how many kids you could cram into a small dirty cabin, for three months, while not bathing or washing  anything properly, and see who could survive.

Boarding school was another experiment in how many kids you can cram into a small room and keep them alive till college. 

By college I had decided I had enough roommates and I wanted my own apartment off campus. Let’s just say that did not last long!

My roommates in college mostly came about by a friend asking if the could crash for a couple of days at my place. Three months later I would end up charging them rent. 

After college the same thing happened over and over again. I can safe say Ms. Coco is the only roommate I’ve ever planned on having, she the first one I’ve ever asked to move in. I think that’s a very good sign!

I try to make every day fun for us and jump at the chance to try new things to break up the routine (the routine is also important). So when I saw the figget cube and figget spinners I knew, I have to get one for Ms. Coco. 

We are off to family for the weekend. Next week is my turn to live at Ms. Coco’s place. I’m hoping, I’m as good of a roommate for her, as she is for me! 

We Are Living…Single….OR Together? By Ms. Coco

We Are Living…Single….OR Together? By Ms. Coco

The month of May brings the Gentleman Farmer and myself living together. I must admit, I have never lived with anyone other than family. Well…I had suite-mates in college and the last person I lived with was my twin and that was a disaster! We were Resident Assistants in the same on-campus apartments and it was someone’s bright idea to have us living together. She complained about the bathroom being dirty while I complained that she would leave dishes in the sink overnight. We drove each other CRAZY! So after her I decided I didn’t need roommates to survive.

I am pretty sure I have scared the Gentleman Farmer with the fact that I haven’t lived with anyone for several years now. Or maybe not scared him but I am sure he has some concerns. I don’t really know what to expect so I can only say this will be some form of an adventure. I have very few concerns (usually I am joking if I say that I have any). I may only really care if I feel annoyed or am being annoying. I have realized since I moved to Kentucky that I get annoyed over certain things. Things like food (or lack thereof), phone calls, and tiredness brings crankiness. I only like a few things for breakfast and ideally I’d rather it be real food than junk.  I think it’s rude to talk on the phone if we’re in the car together. This goes for my friends as well. Haha. I get super annoyed when I haven’t been able to sleep well. I try really hard to not let my mood affect how I interact with the GF…but it doesn’t work in my — or his — favor all the time.

The Gentleman Farmer told me I shouldn’t be disappointed if things don’t stay the same. The real question is, who isn’t disappointed? Engaging conversations, pieces of cake or macaroons when I see him, or flowers when I least expect it are things I live for! Ha! However, I am well aware that I may not do the same things I did when we first started dating…well, hopefully I still do a lot of what I did when we started. So I can’t — and won’t — be upset if we gradually change, as long as we are changing for the better. I only hope and pray that we will continue to move in the same direction with the same purpose.

So since we have been in May for two weeks now it hasn’t been that strained. Like I mentioned previously, I was at a conference for a week. This past week hasn’t been that bad either — due to the Gentleman Farmer. I went to the greatest concert of my life — my boo Trey Songz! Haha! I have LOVED him since 2005 when he had the braids and the oversized t-shirts. ❤ ❤ ❤ I have been to SEVERAL of his concerts and this one was simply amazing! That was the good part. My oldest sister took my keys out of my pocketbook and I didn’t realize they didn’t find their way back into my purse until my other sister called. However, I was halfway back to KY by that time. So they were to be overnighted to me but you know mail is slow sometimes. So the GF was kind enough to allow me to borrow his car so that I may get to the many meetings I had scheduled this week. That was really no surprise — he’s done it before. However, I know that he was inconvenienced this week and I certainly appreciate his generosity. 🙂 Waking upan hour earlier each morning to get to work has driven me crazy. I am not used to doing it on a weekly basis and it has just solidified that I don’t want to drive an hour to work and back each day. However, waking up next to him each day has been so pleasant. When we decide where we should reside I definitely think we should take commute time into consideration.


Extreme Couponing and Acts of Service

Extreme Couponing and Acts of Service

Ten for ten dollars is my new jam! But free is even better. These are some of my new mottos.

The monthly challenge started out slow. I made it the first two weeks with only a few coupons, totaling about $30 in savings.

I managed to step my game up by using couponing apps like SnipSnap (good for non groceries items) and KrazyCouponLady (good for telling you what items are on sale at every store).

I could average savings from 20-30+% per shopping trip if I planned well and focused on building my weekly menu around sale items. This could be exciting at times when a new item I had never tried was on sale (I’m making pickled radishes! Radish bundles were 2 for $1), but mostly it was work.

Mailer coupons were the best! $10 off when spending $20 or free milk, eggs, chips, or bottled water were all easy to come by.

Acts of service was the other part of the challenge this month. I agreeded to help Ms. Coco teach a class at work. This made me a bit nervous since it’s been a while since I taught anything.

While Ms. Coco seems to have missed out on the deals this month she has been very good about acts of service!

She has helped landscape the entire front of the house. We have shoveled mulch for hours and have found ourselves covered head to toe in dirt most weekends.

After all the landscaping Ms. Coco still agrees to walk on my back even after a long day of shoveling. This might sound a bit weird, but for me, it’s the best massage I’ve ever had. Something about her perfect weight and feet kneading my back muscles! It’s the best!

Looks like next month will be roommate month. This should be fun!

We have three months without any challenges any suggestions on what we should do next?