I have not done well at all with this extreme couponing month. And I thought I would. Obviously those people take the time and effort to find coupons. I haven’t tried AT ALL! I feel so bad too because I am the one who suggested to do the extreme couponing to donate the items to our local Family Resource Centers in the schools. The programs help with what we call the “Backpack Program.” Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch also get items to take home on the weekend to ensure they are eat over the weekend. Sooo…the Gentleman Farmer clearly won this challenge. I will try to do better this week since he did so well. I must at least find enough coupons to match his savings. Hey, we both know our strong points in this relationship.

We will call tie on the random acts of kindness part of this challenge. The GF did teach a class for me on finances at the Adult Education Center. He thought it could have gone better but I thought he did a FANTASTIC job. I am the teacher by trade in this little family we are creating, yet he stepped up to the plate and made me look good with his professional ways. I will forever remember this…or at least until my memory fades.

Since I am sooooo late on this post and also on my couponing, we will look forward to the future. The Gentleman Farmer and I do not live together currently but we do spend at least 50% of our weeks together. For the month of May our challenge will be living together. HA! I have NEVER lived with a man except my father or grandfather. And I haven’t lived with anyone else since my twin sister, Natalie, and I lived together in college. And that was an experience; also that was over eight years ago! So we will see how this works out for us. We may do really well…the first week I am away at a conference. Did that occur on purpose? Hmmmm…I am slightly nervous. Who will cook breakfast? (He will.) Who will annoy whom first? (Probably I will annoy him.) Whose house will we stay at the most (his…I cannot have a dog at my house…even though I like spending time in my own bed.) But none of those are actually important. Will we make it through? Will we continue to create routines that will work for the both of us? Will we figure out the next step in our lives, separately and together? Will they align with our needs, wishes, hopes, and dreams? Those are certainly more important to me. I hope they are to him as well. If not, what are we here for? Obviously I am here for him. Forever, for always, for love.


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