For the month of April, the Gentleman Farmer and I are supposed to be focusing on good deeds and an extreme couponing month. The GF usually says I am a sucker for doing things for others, even if it isn’t in my best interest. However, if I do something for others I feel I am somehow helping the “angels” among us and I know favor comes back. It is not solely this purpose of receiving favor, but knowing I am able to help others is so important to me because so many people have poured into my life and have assisted me in the path that I have taken that I can only repay them by helping others. So I am so excited to do this coupon challenge and donate the food purchased through this activity to our respective Family Resource Centers in the communities in which we live and work.

The Gentleman Farmer always is doing something for me or others. We are in North Carolina this week for my uncle’s induction to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association. He has won over 28 state championships and is pretty amazing, although I feel my family members are superstars anyway. Before driving to NC he called me several times to ask what he should get my uncle as a gift (I honestly didn’t even think to get him one), bought my other uncles things they would like, and bought several other gifts for family members. He does this every time we go, even though it might also be slight bribes to be seen as favorable (I love him, so they do too)! šŸ™‚ SO I know he will do well with the random acts of kindness this month, as well as the extreme couponing. He is the saver between the two of us and I look to him as inspiration. Otherwise, he asks when I buy new clothing or where I got it from. He misses few things.

While in North Carolina we took a trip to my house in High Point because I am hoping to sell it. When we drove into the driveway he was like, “Oh, your house is cute” like he was surprised! I’m quite confused at this point because I never said it was ugly. I just said I need to sell it ASAP! Then he goes into his whole advice giving speil about what I need to do to sell it…I really want to get it off my hands. I am less interested in making a huge profit by this point…but you know how men can be. They must be heros. Haha. Wish me luck and a speedy process with this. I have learned much from being a homeowner for the past 8 years but it is time to move on to something else.

We’re also spending the week in Asheville for a conference I’m attending on Extension Volunteerism. I am excited that we will be here for a warm week and that we will be able to eat at Tuppelo Honey again! I have been dreaming about their buiscuits and chicken. Who doesn’t like that combination?!?! I mean, the place is really amazing. And if you have never been to Asheville, it is one of the meccas of Hipster living. My honey should fit right in, even if he denies being part of that subgroup! Haha.



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