I am honored Ms. Coco and the Gentleman Farmer asked me to write a guest post. I’ve been following their blog and I think it’s awesome.

Honestly, reading their posts gives me hope; hope that one day I’ll have someone to do crazy challenges with and who will be willing try new things to better our relationship.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m Ms. Coco’s friend and our favorite couple’s permanent third wheel. She hates when I call myself the latter, but hey I’m a realist.

I recently moved to Kentucky from North Carolina. Moving to Lexington was a great decision on my part and I have no regrets. Of course, I miss my family, but it’s only a seven-hour drive to travel home to small town America. Yes, I packed up my entire life and relocated to a city I only visited once; a city where the only people I know are the Gentleman Farmer and Ms. Coco. They both played a key role in my decision to move here.

Prior to my move, they assured me I wouldn’t be alone. Still, I honestly feared that once I got here things would change. However, they’ve been great and their friends have embraced my eccentric personality. I’m really enjoying it here, from games nights, to escape rooms, lots of dinners, and plenty of deep conversations. Truthfully, they are always inviting me to join in on their plans.

While I appreciate their efforts, I don’t plan on being the third wheel forever. Although the dating scene in Lexington is DRY! I joined Tinder my first month here and clearly, I was not successful. I guess my “problem” is I believe in certain gender roles, especially when it comes to relationships. I NEED, not want, to be courted. Men were put on this Earth for a reason. Lol. All jokes aside, I believe it’s man’s job to pursue a woman he likes. Thus, if we match on Tinder, you need to make the first move. Sadly, society doesn’t seem to agree with me, so after matching with over a dozen guys and only two percent making the first move, I had to delete Tinder. No loss there.

I guess Ms. Coco saw my plight and took pity on me, so she tried to hook me up with her cousin in Tennessee. Initially, I declined her offer. I have this rule about dating relatives of my friends. Been there, done that and it did not end pretty. After much convincing from Ms. Coco and company, I decided to give it a shot. Well that ship never sailed. Heck it never left the dock. Don’t ask.

Now I’m putting my energy into finding my lumberjack. Ever since I watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I’ve had this thing for lumberjacks. You really can’t blame a girl; Hugh Jackman as lumberjack Logan/Wolverine is EVERYTHING. I’m currently planning a trip to Wolverine, Michigan to attend a lumberjack festival this summer. Our favorite couple has agreed to come with me.

The clock is ticking for me. I’m 30 and I want children before 35, so wish me luck. If all else fails, there’s always Craigslist. Jk 😊




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