It is the final week of March Madness and if your bracket is still intact after the upsets of Wisconsin, Florida, Dook, and Kentucky losses then you must truly be a genie. I do believe the God knew what He was doing when he made the sky Carolina Blue (what a win over Kentucky; the Gentleman Farmer’s team and my employer)! As we all know what happens when the hometown loses (as I refer to Kentucky) we see that people have lots of emotions. The whole town of Lexington, and probably 90 percent of the state, will be feeling pretty sad about their loss for the next two weeks. I’ll try to hold it in while I go to work tomorrow.

With the craziness of March Madness also comes the craziness of other emotions. If I haven’t mentioned it previously, my love language is quality time. Specifically, I like to be heard when I am talking. And I have issues when I feel people aren’t listening to me, especially the Gentleman Farmer. We have discussed this on multiple occasions. Yet, I still feel slighted for not receiving confirmation or reactions to what I am saying. In this month of savings, I have not saved enough patience when being confronted with what I feel is a lack of understanding or engagement on his part. I feel twice as bad for not receiving what I need and then making him feel like he isn’t trying. One day we’ll get there….it just isn’t today…and probably won’t be tomorrow either. *shrug* I know myself to know that I need to continue to store up, or save, as much patience as he has with me. That cannot be an easy task.

We also are trying to do the hard work of training our new puppy, Bates, so that it will save us issues in the future. We are still planning our trip to Cuba and we will have to leave him with someone! His behavior has to be acceptable by that time! 🙂 I can tell you one thing, this is not for the faint of heart. He cries at night in his cage, uses the bathroom ALL over the house right after he’s taken a 20-minute walk, and he gets soooo dirty right after he gets a bath. But I wouldn’t trade him for any other puppy in the world. I just don’t remember my other dog, Puff, to be this rambunctious when he was a puppy. I think its so funny all dogs have their own little personalities. He’s exactly like the Gentleman Farmer. Haha!


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