I’ve never been much of a intentional saver. Saving money was just something I did and spending money was not something I always planned out. So this month has been all about trying to put effort into a system for saving both money and embarrassment.

I’ve also never been very good at thinking before I speak. I would more often than not just run my mouth unfiltered; this has on more than one occasion cause me serious problems. Making a system to prevent my own stupidity would undoubtedly be a challenge.

The system I set for my saving was a weekly and monthly budget. Cash envelopes would hold predetermined spending money for the week, when it ran out, that was it. Weekly spending broke down neatly into three categories Food, Entertainment, and money spent on Ms. Coco. All my other monthly expenses are consistent for the most part.

Mindfulness and apologizes are what I’m using to prevent myself from running my mouth. I’ve finally given in to the fact that I’m human and make mistakes; especially if hungry, sick, or sleepy. Since I’m usually in one of these moods most of the day, the lickleyhood of doing or saying something stupid is quite high most days. 

So far this month I’ve saved more than expected. Mindfulness is working sometimes. I’ve still found myself with my foot in my mouth plenty, that’s were my apologies come in, I’ve had to make a few of those!


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