When I was a young boy there was nothing better than a cold Ale 8 One on a hot summer day. I was usually pulling it out of an old cooler, perched on the bed of an old pickup truck, parked on the edge of a tobacco field. 

I remember the heat in Kentucky in August. Really it’s the humidity, like sitting under a wet wool blanket, in a sauna. 

We would have to top tobacco all day long, from dawn till after dusk, even by light of the old trucks headlights if need be. We would then cut it, spear it, and let it weather in the fields before housing it in the barns for stripping later in the coldest days of winter.

Working in the fields with tobacco was hot sweaty work. Your only breaks were to drink a soda, eating lunch, and smoking a cigarette, which most guys did while working anyway. I didn’t smoke as a child, luckily, so sodas and lunch were my only rest on these hot days.

I’m older now and I still enjoy a good Ale 8 One usually with some bourbon whiskey. I don’t have to work in the tobacco fields anymore, so I have to watch what I eat. 

I’m giving up sugar and achohol for my Lent challenge this year. I’m hoping that this will make sipping Mojitos in Cuba that much sweeter. Right now I can’t stop thinking about haveing a bourbon with a splash of Ale 8 One.


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