It’s been a quick February. As we all know, February is only three days shorter than the average month but it certainly feels like its a week shorter. This week the Gentleman Farmer and I haven’t really focused on our hobbies so much but much learning has been taken place. Last Sunday, I got a flat tire running hard over a curb (it jumped out of nowhere)…He had to come save me miles away from where I was headed, Sonic Drive In. I have an obsession with fresh ice and only one Sonic in the city of Lexington will give it to me without questioning my motives. So today the GF decided to teach me how to change my own tire. It wasn’t as hard as I imagined, although I will have to build some muscle strength to take the lug nuts off the wheel. I do feel confident that if I ever get another flat tire I can safely change that thang!

I must also add to the learning that the Gentleman Farmer finished his very first piece of apparel. He completed an apron while I had a “girl’s night” with my homies! He showcased it for me when I got back. I am so proud of my babe! It looks WAAAAYYYY better than my first piece of clothing (although I must say he has a way better teacher than I did). He can now conquer the world of fashion…or at least make a vest that he won’t be ashamed of wearing out in public. That was our goal. I think I did a great job this month of teaching him my skill…now if we can come to a conclusion about what he was supposed to teach me then we can appropriately declare a winner (I have a feeling it will be me).

In the previous post by the Gentleman Farmer he mentioned my birthday and Valentine’s Day. I didn’t really do very much with his gifts. My philosophy is to get “great” gifts at the beginning so people won’t realize I really am a horrible gift giver down the road. But I did have a marvelous time for my birthday. MY twin sister, Natalie, and her boyfriend came for the weekend. It was fun spending time one week with them in Kentucky. A different scene for them and we incorporated some of my favorite places. Friends from North Carolina that I haven’t seen for years happened to be in town for another reason and stopped by for our game night. We had a BLAST and it felt like we were back in our college days. Also, my friends that I have met while dating The Gentleman Farmer came and hung out with us. That was really special for me. I love when my old and new friends get to meet, and what better way than a game night?

We are getting Bates (the standard poodle) on Wednesday! I cannot wait! I am sure the Gentleman Farmer can’t either. Especially since he will be living at his house. And we lived through a new experience this weekend…matching tattoos. Ha! I would say that was a big step for us. In all actuality, it was my idea and I kept asking the GF if he would get one…but I never thought he would do it! However, he made the appointment, went first, and handled it like a beast! Me, on the other hand, had my homies there to support me and hold my hand. It hurt like a pain I’ve never felt before and never will again. But I would do anything with the GF…I believe he’ll never steer me wrong. A faith like that has to be something special. Plus I told him we’ll never break up now. We’re in this for LIFE!

March is the beginning of our Lent/Savings/Trip Planning activities. We have started on our trip: CUBA! We are going in August and this trip seems to be LARGER THAN LIFE! I can’t wait to experience Havana and my Dirty Dancing fantasies…haha. Plus, I am serious about my savings kick! I read an article earlier this week on CNBC about how much a person should have in their savings by the time they hit thirty. Let’s just say I’m lacking and I need to catch up quick. And I have never participated in Lent before but I believe I/we can do anything we set our minds to. So here’s to the end of February and the beginning of spring weather!


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