It’s been a crazy week! Somehow the end of February has decided to cram Valentine’s Day, Ms.Coco’s birthday, and our one year anniversary into less than two weeks. We are also looking for a new puppy and we have family coming in to visit for the weekend.

Ms. Coco has really outdone me this year for Valentine’s Day. She managed to get one gift for each of the five senses. Not only that, they were very professionally wrapped. I got her two books; one she has been wanting and another one I thought she would like. Wish me luck! I had some flowers sent to her office and I made sure to surprise her with dinner (her favorite pizza in the shape of a heart and her favorite dessert , macaroons).

As for the year long challenge, we’re almost done with my first ever sewing project. We’re making a cooking apron. I’m still hoping to teach Ms. Coco something over the next two weeks; any suggestions?

For Ms. Coco’s birthday we had several events to celebrate her big #…#(can’t bring myself to disclose her age for both security and the fact that age is just a number)! We had dinner, went to a breakout game, and then had a board game night. I surprised her with a cake and with way too many trick candles that almost burnt down my house, set several people’s hair on fire, and did burn a large portion of the cake. Luckily I bought lots of wine so no one really noticed me running through the house with a flaming birthday cake.

We also did find a new puppy this week. He is a apricot colored Standard Poodle. We made a little road trip to see him this week. Now I just have to try  to negotiate with the breeder for a better price. Wish me luck and hopefully there will be a new puppy hanging around soon!


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