This  month the Gentleman Farmer and I are sharing our hobbies with each other and are going to attempt to teach each other those special skills that require us to excel at the hobby. I chose to teach the GF how to sew. He mentioned months ago that he wanted to use my sewing machine to make a dress for me. He borrowed a shirt of mine, bought some fabric, and took the sewing machine with him…and that’s as far as he got. I also agreed that I would wear the dress no matter what it looked like. Now that I am teaching him how to sew the dress will more than likely look a little more wearable and presentable. The Gentleman Farmer is doing quite well on his lessons. I think I am a much better teacher than he is; I did get my undergraduate degree in Education.

The Gentleman’s Farmer is not having as much success with his teaching as I am. To his credit, he is slightly at a disadvantage because his hobby was changed at the last minute. He wanted to teach me how to snowboard. I am kind of glad that didn’t work out; we went snowboarding in December and my feelings were so hurt that I couldn’t master the miniature bunny slope! I mean kids who were THREE years old were beating me down that hill! Do you know how crushed my ego was?! Now that the weather isn’t cooperating (global warming and all) he has chosen home maintenance. I love it that my man can fix many things and that he wants to teach me things I don’t know. However, I am a hands-on person. And I think he missed that fact about me. The Gentleman Farmer wanted to install a vanity. I learned how to put putty around the sink drain and that’s about it. For about an hour I watched him wiggle underneath the sink before he finally quit whatever it was he was doing. I told him later that he needed to rethink his teaching strategy or he’s going to lose this month’s challenge. The next day he gave me a different task to do with instructions on how to complete it. I successfully sanded and bonded together two pipes. We also redecorated an upstairs bedroom successfully, but I did take interior design courses while I was in college as part of my major. I believe I taught the GF more information than he attempted to teach me.

I do happen to like these challenges the Gentleman Farmer and I are participating in. I am learning so much more about myself than I ever thought I could. And I also realize how well we work together and what we need to continually work on. We are only in the second month of the challenge, as well as year, but we seem to roll with the punches in style. The good, the not so pleasant, and the boring. Nothing can stop my partner in crime and myself.


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