So how is the first month of this New Year going? I would have to say (pardon my French) pretty darn well! No one (knock on wood) that I know has died yet, which for some reason is always a worry for me this time of year. That is also kind of the point of health and fitness month also. I also hope this extends Ms. Coco and my life expectancy so we can enjoy each other for as long as possible.

As far as the healthy eating and fitness part of the challenge, well I’m slacking a little bit. My diet has been ok, I’ve been cooking at home a least 5 days a week when I eat out I try to eat plenty of vegetables and lean meats. I’ve been making lots of stews in my new handy dandy pressure cooker. I even managed to save the day with my Pressure cooker but I’ll let Ms. Coco tell you about that.

 My fitness has been slacking. I’m working a lot and trying to squeeze at least 3-4 workouts in a week and have been able to manage most of the time. However last month I did better with 4-5 workouts a week. Most of them are running 2-3 miles, lifting weights, and Hot Yoga for an hour in a 106-degree room. Ms. Coco and I plan to cap the month off with a 5K.

For my mind I have been reading a lot, writing, meditating, and returned to my writing classes at The Carnegie Center (these are great for inspiration and helping me refocus on my goals). The meditation is something new for me and I downloaded an app to remind me to meditate daily along with the meditation I do while at yoga or while running.

 For my spirit I have been focusing like I said on my meditation. Ms. Coco came up with the idea of me going to church with her. This is something she had been inviting me to do for a while. I usually go to hot yoga (my own religious experience) on Sunday and prepare for my week ahead. Since she has joined me at hot yoga a few times it is only fair I join her at church. I have to admit I’ve never much enjoyed church. Growing up I spent a few years in Catholic school; this scared me away from formal religion in several ways. I still wince when I see nuns.

This church was not at all what I expected. Well it was a little bit when it came to the collection plate. It was very laid back and I was not scared of anyone hitting me with a ruler. The service was very nice it started with several songs; the singers, especially the lead singer really got into it. Then the preacher spoke for about 30 minutes and that was about it. We were in and out in about an hour. I would have to say I wouldn’t mind going back again as long as we don’t have to sit in the front behind the lady recording the service on her cell phone or underneath the large speaker system. Maybe next time I’ll remember to bring cash to put in the collection plate.


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