So last night I messed up. Ms. Coco and I went to see a movie. That’s not how I messed up. We went to see the movie “Hidden Figures”, about the role women of color, played in the early days of the NASA as mathematicians or “computers” as they called them in the film.

I’m into space movies and Ms. Coco is a strong black woman (as she reminds me regularly, since I tend to forget sometimes) so this movie already peaked my interest. I have been known to read the NASA’s website and get updates about NASA missions and discoveries on my phone. As for my interest in women of color and their issues, history, and struggle I will say this. I care deeply for Ms. Coco and what she cares about, so these are important issues for me too. I’m always trying hard to understand her and what she cares about. I’m always trying to find new and inventive was to show my proud HBCU graduate (Ms. Coco) that I love and adore her for all the magic she brings into my life (in her case black girl magic as she likes to remind me). What is black girl magic? Well we will have to get into that at a later date. 

So you may be asking yourself, what I am talking about. I ask myself that all the time! I’m getting there in my own clumsy roundabout way.

As Ms. Coco and I were walking out of the theater to the car, she turned to me and asked. “Honey, what did you like about the movie?” Wait for it… I’m about to put my foot in my mouth. I said in my slightly dazed post movie mumble, “ Well… I liked the movie; it was about math, science, and space travel all things I like. Kevin Costner’s character was an interesting role in the film, and I was surprised to see Jim Parson’s form Bing Bang Theory” then lastly I did say “it was such an interesting story about how these women found a way to make history against all the odds they faced during that era”. This was in hindsight, was definitely what I should have lead with!

These women, like the space program, were able to do something truly inspiring and amazing, at a time when people did not have much respect for women, especially women of color.

So what was my mistake, some of you may ask? Well I did not mention first and foremost the accomplishments of these women and how they struggled (this was the whole point of the film). This is clearly still a problem today, especially for women of color. Men tend to miss how women, especially women of color, are ignored, overlooked, and discriminated against. Clearly I’m no exception in this regard since I missed the whole point of this film.

Like the early days of the space program, men are still in the early days of learning how amazing, vast, deep, and truly beautiful women (especially women of color) truly are.


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