South Bound and Down

Ms. Coco and I are on the road this week for a little vacation. We are road tripping our way down to warmer weather at the beach.

I’ve been reading a new book “Smarter Faster Better” by Charles Duhigg.  It’s mainly a business book, (I read a lot of those and actually enjoy them most of the time) but it talks a lot about relationships. 

The idea of emotional security is mentioned a lot. The idea is if a group, or even couples,  are to be successful. Then there needs to be an environment of emotional security. An evriroment where everyone feels free to speak, be acknowledged, and feel like they are contributing to whatever you are trying to accomplish. This doesn’t mean you can’t challenge each other, it actually means the opposite, you should feel like you have the freedom to challenge each other’s ideas with out being criticized for it.

This is not easy, it sounds easy, but challenging ideas is an emotional business. I don’t think anyone likes their ideas to be challenged, however it is sometimes the only way we grow. 

In the same light. We visited the Civil Rights Museum today, in Birmingham Alabama. Those were some people who knew how to challenge ideas! It was interesting to see how far we have come, and at the same time, how little things have changed. In the last two years, here in the U.S., there have been prostest that could have been straight out of the Civil Rights movements of the 1960’s. 

If your idea is good, then it should rise to the top. If your idea is bad, then you should be thankful, someone was able to challenge it.  Before it could do you or someone else serious damage. 


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