Hey! It’s the beginning of another week…which leads to regular reflections on the week that just passed. I think the health and wellness month is going to be much harder in some ways and easier in others. For example, this week it has been raining ALL week long. So how do you think my walking went during lunch? I can confess to you that I do not like being wet; it irritates my soul. I tried walking before it rained. That worked for a couple of days, but others, not so much. I also can confess there is not a gym where I live so I am limited when it comes to indoor space to run/walk. I spent a lot of time in Walmart this week, haha. I am conscientious of when I am walking around sometimes; I do not want people to think I am stealing but why else would I go to Walmart two days in a row for HOURS and not by a thing? Anyway, I did walk three out of five days. That is progress, folks! My goal of 10,000 steps (an average) a day was realized. 🙂 At least for this week. I also went to the gym with The Gentleman Farmer this weekend. I complain often how I don’t want to die at 30 of a heart attack (I have less than a month before my 30th birthday). Therefore, I need to increase my physical activities. I used to love going to the gym and working out with my athletes before I moved to Kentucky and not having those opportunities have made me very lazy. However, if I lived in a town that had different facilities to use, I am sure I would work out more. I do miss it so I can try to have a better routine to lead a healthier life.

Now what I feel will be much harder for me is to continue to work out while having adverse weather conditions. Like I said previously, the wet weather is not my friend. Neither is the extreme cold, or even mildly cold weather. I am a child of HOT weather. A good day for me is 70+ weather. I should push myself to go outside and stay a while in weather that is not favorable to me. However, on the flipside of this is that I thought I would have huge issues with cooking more at home. That was like second nature to me (not breakfast though). I burnt my breakfast while getting ready for work two days this week. I figured I need to wake up earlier so I can pay attention to cooking instead of being upstairs while the turkey bacon is on the stove. And yes, I eat turkey bacon. No pork on my fork!

Also, I know The Gentleman Farmer and I are in this together. Where I am weak, he is supposed to be strong. It felt some days we were strong together and others…well…we will strive for better this week. He certainly is a gentleman. I asked him for coconut crème pie at 9 last night…and he went to Ramsey’s to get it for me. It was DELICIOUS! Haha. I know we influence each other, like eating pizza when we should enjoy a salad. However, my motto is good things in moderation. I am cool with my eating preferences but I will tighten up for him. We are only as strong as each other’s weakest points. And we will succeed, together!


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