Hi All. Ms. Coco here. I must admit, I have never thought to write a blog before. However, The Gentleman Farmer is such the encourager that he supports all my dreams and wishes. I love it, and him too! My interests of being an expert in the field of Family and Consumer Sciences (what was once called Home Economics), families, and relationships has led us to write about ourselves, our families, and our observations while incorporating the challenges that he has discussed previously. I am excited to start this challenge with him because of several reasons. We are competitive people and I feel this keeps our relationship playful while working towards a goal. These challenges allow us to spend more time together, and they test our resolve for completing a goal, especially over the next year. I cannot wait to see how things evolve within our relationship from where we are currently.

Now I confess these challenges are about us as individuals as much as they are about us as a couple. I cannot imagine having a better partner to complete goals with, especially with our first challenge. Health and wellness month is about our spiritual, mental, and physical wellness. I need all the help I can get with my physical wellness. I have set a goal for eating three times a day, walking every work day during my lunch hour, and tapping into my spiritual wellness. I normally eat only dinner and my physical activity is non-existent unless The GF wants to go hiking or patriciate in another form of physical activity. The only thing I can say is on point is my spiritual well-being, and that can always be improved. So, our first week of the challenge has been interesting. I have increased the meals I have consumed at home (yay!) and The Gentleman Farmer and I have meditated twice, attended church service, worked out at his gym, and attended a hot yoga session. To say the very least, I am TIRED! However, I hope this trend will continue and I will make some real-life sustaining changes in my world.

This week is the start of walking during my lunch hour. I did that last year and it helped my productivity after my lunch hour. Since I am a Family and Consumer Sciences educator, my focus is nutrition and active lifestyles. I need to preach what I teach and this will certainly help in this regard. I feel if I have a goal in mind for the week it is much easier to achieve my goals. The Gentleman Farmer and I have a great routine of communication and I cannot wait to see how this impacts our relationship over the next year.


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