I always feeling like… I don’t know what I’m doing.

Unfortunately the more I learn about any given subject, the less sure I am about what I know. I can definitely say this is true about life, love, and people, especially female people.  Who confound me to no end. 

But life is about the journey. At least I think it is, maybe that’s something I read, in a philosophy book somewhere. 

More to the point, my love and I , my amazing, magical, and unbelievable female love (let’s call her Ms. Coco). We are going on a journey together for the next 12 months.

I love Ms. Coco first and foremost. She is all about family, relationships, and the science behind what makes them stronger and happier. 

Secondly, I’m always up for and adventure or challenge. I once became a Vegetarian for a year and a vegan for a month all on a bet. I found out quickly vegan is not for me.  

In addition to the first two reasons. I think Ms. Coco is a local celebrity. I dream of someday being a half way decent writer. So I ’m hitching my wagon to her fame and hoping that some of her magic and genius rubs off on me. 

We are going to attempt 12 challenges over the next year. Right now I’m only going to focus on the first three months in this first post.

Month 1- Fitness month

It’s s January and I’m sure most people are making New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions to lose weight, go to the gym more, and eat better. This is kind of the idea, but we hope to take it a step further. The idea is to improve out physical, mental, and spiritual health over the next month. Since we both have different ideas on how to do that it should be quite interesting!

Month 2- Hobby month
I’m just going to say we both have to teach the other person how to do something that we each enjoy doing. I’m pretty sure she is going to end up spending a lot of time on her butt. I will probably get stabbed at least once.
Month 3- Saving/Lent/ Trip Planning

So far all I know is extreme couponing and Cuba!

In closing, I hope you enjoy this, and that at the very least you might learn what not to say to your girlfriend after the movies (I’ll tell you next time).


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